Where will my next development be visible from, how will it fit into the surrounding area and how can this be mitigated?

Visualisation is a key component in communicating the appearance and impacts of a development, and technological advances allow cost-effective interpretation through a variety of media.

Atmos Consulting Visualisation and award-winning GIS teams work together to construct models and materials that allow developments to be consistently and accurately assessed.

Our Visualisation Expertise

Atmos has produced visualisations and graphics for over 100 wind farms across the UK, adapting our workflows to ensure they meet the latest stringent statutory body guidance. This experience has extended to visualisation production for major developments across a range of sectors including substation complexes, port expansions and solar arrays.

Building on our award-winning GIS platform, we create 3D terrain and object models that can be converted for use in a variety of software packages and used in a range of visualisation outputs.

The generation of flexible virtual models allows changes in project design to be rapidly and effectively communicated to clients, stakeholders and the public through robust wirelines, photomontages, animations and video fly-through. Baseline models also allow mitigation options to be designed for different scenarios and modelled over time,
incorporating landscaping proposals such as earthworks, bunding and vegetation.

"The planting proposals and visualisations developed by Atmos to resolve the Historic Scotland objection at the Binn Eco Park were critical to the project achieving consent.  It was a pleasure to work the Atmos team who were pragmatic and diligent in their approach to identifying mitigation solutions.“

Stuart McAleese Head of Wind (Scotland)
Element Power

Our Visualisation Consultants

Our visualisation consultants bring a comprehensive understanding of the visualisation process. Using a wide variety of software dependent on the specific project requirements, they develop robust internal workflows for the efficient production of high quality visuals. 

Our Visualisation Solutions

Atmos offers a comprehensive range of visualisation solutions across the entire project life-cycle, working with our GIS platform to store and track all project data and graphics.
Choose from an integrated service approach or pick one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, including: 

Advanced Landform Modelling Public Exhibition Graphics 
Bespoke 3D & 4D Modelling Screened Visibility Analysis & ZTVs
Cumulative Development Impacts Site Photography
Earthwork and Plantation Scenarios Video Walk- and Fly-throughs
Inclusion of Subsidiary Infrastructure Wirelines and Photomontages
Web mapping Marketing materials design

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Download examples of our recent work

NorthConnect, Converter Building

Renewable Energy - Binn Hill Eco Park

  • Wireline / montage merge

    Wind farm wireline / montage
  • Converter building 1

    Converter building complex photomontage
  • Comparative wirelines

    Comparative wirelines
  • Biomass plant

    Biomass plant wireline & montage
  • Turbines and infrastructure

    Wind farm photomontage with infrastructure
  • Hydro annotated photo

    Hydro scheme annotated photo
  • Converter building 2

    Montage with vegetation screening evolution
  • Solar 3D model

    3D solar farm model
  • Monochromatic montage

    Monochromatic cumulative montage
  • Port expansion

    Port expansion photomontage