The potential impact of developments on the water environment means assessing, reporting and developing suitable and sustainable solutions are vital in the delivery of successful projects.  This, together with increasingly enforced compliance with the Water Framework Directive by regulators and authorities, can present potential challenges for projects.

From multi-million pound construction, infrastructure and renewable energy projects requiring flood risk assessment, SuDS design, contaminated land appraisal, water management plans, watercourse crossing and private water supply assessments, through to discharge licences for septic tanks to ground, our highly experienced team is here to support you in realising the vision of your project. 

Our Hydrology Experience

The Atmos in-house Hydrology team brings a proven track record of meeting planning requirements and discharging statutory conditions. Successfully balancing the commercial needs of the development with requirements of the regulators, whilst protecting and where possible enhancing the water environment.   We promote early engagement with stakeholders and communities to ensure the solutions we develop are both commercially pragmatic and workable.

Our team combine their specialist technical skills with a strong project management focus to successfully deliver projects that require specialist hydrology, geological and hydro-ecological input, across a wide range of sectors. 

Our Hydrology Consultants

Our multidisciplinary consultants bring the specialist skills of hydrology/hydrogeology, ecology, and soils to undertake assessments and identify cost effective project design solutions that mitigate risks to the development, whist meeting the regulatory requirements of sensitive habitats and the water environment.

Our Hydrology Solutions

Atmos Consulting offers a comprehensive range of hydrology and hydrogeology services.  Choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, whatever its current lifecycle stage, including:

Borehole Supply Feasibility Assessment Ground Water dependent Terrestrial Eco System Assessments (GWDTE)
Catchment Management Hydrogeological Assessment
Consultation and Liaison with Regulatory Bodies Hydrological Assessment
Control Activities Regulations (Scotland) CAR Applications Hydrological Yield Assessment
Due Diligence Private Water Supply Assessment
Eco-hydrology Assessment River and Watercourse Modelling
EIA Hydrology Assessment & Chapters Runoff Control and Drainage Management
Environmental Permit Assessment and Application Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDs)
Feasibility, Screening and Scoping Waste Water Management
Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation Water Quality and Flow Monitoring Mitigation

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