"Atmos have provided and continue to provide first class ecological solutions to Wynne Construction on a number of new build school sites across north Wales.  They are flexible, reliable and approachable, consistently providing a professional service to the team.   Their pragmatic approach to identifying and presenting workable solutions to mitigate potential ecological constraints at an early stage, has enabled us to meet our tight project timescales,  which may have otherwise been unachievable.  I would not hesitate in recommending them for future projects”

Andy Garner, Design Manager, Wynn Construction

 "The Directors at City Quay (a 416 apartment complex, the largest in Liverpool) have at the centre of their development a water feature conformed to the dimensions of one of the graving docks on the former Herculaneum Dock site, which had deteriorated to such an extent that urgent action needed to be taken. Thanks to the excellent support and thorough professionalism of the team at Atmos an in-depth report was produced that has given everyone at City Quay all the evidence required to make a sensible and appropriate decision about the rehabilitation of the water feature. It was money well spent to be able to base future decisions upon sound scientific advice and unparalleled experience in dealing with water-related issues."

Gerry Proctor MBE, Chair, Engage Liverpool

I would like to thank Atmos for their professional approach in providing advice on layout design, construction methodology and mitigation proposals that assist us in securing planning permission for our residential development on an ecologically sensitive site in Crewe. They were particularly effective at dealing with the statutory authorities and in finding workable solutions to the ecological issues that arose. I was also particularly impressed with their commercial attitude in dealing with ecological issues that enabled us to add value to our development.

John Beardsell, Development Director, Tesni Homes

“Atmos have been great at arranging a range of environmental surveys for our company.  Due to their staff having a wide knowledge base it is possible for them to provide multiple surveys on the same date.  This is a great advantage when working in remote areas where travel to site can take a large part of the day.  The consistent quality of their work is greatly appreciated as it allows for one less worry when planning a project”

Kieran Roberts, Proterra Energy

"Atmos Consulting was contracted to undertake essential surveys and provide advice on fresh water pearl mussel mitigation.  Atmos was able to respond at short notice to get up to speed with the project and our requirements, carry out the survey work and provide the required reports and on-site supervision to ensure that all works on site were compliant with the relevant legislation and licence.  Atmos provided a comprehensive, adaptable and professional service delivered by knowledgeable and approachable staff."

Lucas Chapman, Wayleave Officer, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution plc

Atmos consulting provided us with a professional service at short notice and out with normal working hours. They ensured we complied with local authority noise legislation and gave our client confidence in what was a very challenging part of our project.

Mark Elliot, Site Agent, Regional, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK

“I would like to thank the Atmos team for the excellent work they undertook on behalf of Cumberhead Wind Energy Ltd.”

“The Cumberhead site was particularly sensitive as it lies close to a large European designated site for five bird species and is surrounded by multiple operational and permitted wind farm projects. Atmos designed a comprehensive avian monitoring scheme that had to be adapted to meet a changing site design (initially started as a 100MW project) but they did this efficiently and with making budget savings.  The work submitted as part of the Environmental statement was incredibly detailed and meticulously assembled and included a theoretically modelled assessment of collision risk for the project.”

“Based on the high standard of their work, their commitment to finding commercially viable solutions together with their flexible and adaptable approach I would have no hesitation in recommending Atmos for future projects.”


Simon Green, Project Manager, Cumberhead Wind Energy Ltd

"Drummuir Estate has been consulting with Atmos for several months on a proposal to erect a single turbine on the estate. Atmos have been very professional and thorough, from the inception of the proposal, the choice of site, the choice of turbine, submission of planning application. We have had clear estimates and invoices, a clear budgeted cash flow of the cost of the project, and its income and costs if it proceeds. Atmos have consulted with ourselves on every step, making it easy for a layman to understand, and have visited the relevant planners for their opinions."

"Whether our project is successful or not, I would recommend Atmos for their professionalism and clarity. Given the planning system, I believe that no other company could improve on Atmos’s efforts."

Drummuir Estate