An independent Hydrology Consultant with over 7 years’ experience in engineering and consultancy, Laura has been involved with a wide range of projects focused on hydrological assessment and drainage systems. 

She has extensive experience of hydrological modelling, private water supply assessments, EIAs, ECoW, discharging planning conditions, water management plans, watercourse crossing surveys, drainage impact assessments, flood risk assessment as well as surface and groundwater monitoring. Laura’s projects have involved undertaking various hydrological analysis using Low Flows, FEH, ISIS, Micro Drainage and ArcGIS.

Laura is experienced in designing SuDS  and has worked on numerous contaminated land sites, investigating soil and ground water quality, undertaking trial pits and overseeing borehole installations. She has extensive experience of renewable energy projects that have required peat impact assessments, peat slide risk assessments and undertaking peat probing and von Post assessments.