Environmental noise regulation is now more stringent than ever, as a result regulators are becoming increasingly rigorous in relation to noise assessments and noise control measures.

Atmos’ acoustic and noise consultants bring extensive experience in environmental and occupational noise impact assessments across a wide range of projects – from wind farms, hydroelectric and biomass stations, to schools, residential developments, commercial buildings and industrial sites.

Our Acoustic and Noise Expertise

Reliable noise monitoring and prediction is fundamental to accurate assessments and investigations.  Atmos has invested in the latest Class A monitoring measurement equipment and uses state of the art modelling software, allowing us to undertake detailed noise impact assessment and monitoring for a range of complex situations and scenarios. This offers our clients, and the regulators, complete confidence in our detailed noise assessments and the effectiveness of our proposed noise control schemes. 

We understand that no two projects are the same, each having its own unique noise challenges to overcome. We are experienced in working closely with clients, regulatory bodies and local authorities to determine the most effective, compliant solution. Our aim is to simplify the process of noise monitoring, assessment and management, providing effective advice and innovative solutions that helps smooth the way to realising the vision of your project

Our Acoustic and Noise Consultants

Our consultants are qualified members of the Institute of Acoustics and have detailed knowledge of national and international noise assessment standards.

They work to understand your project objectives, liaising with the relevant regulatory bodies and local authorities to determine the most effective, commercially pragmatic and compliant solutions to mitigate acoustic and noise challenges. 

Our Acoustic and Noise Services

Atmos offers a comprehensive range of acoustic and noise services across the entire project life-cycle. Choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, whatever its current lifecycle stage including:

Baseline and Specific Noise Monitoring and Analysis Noise Impact Assessments
BREEAM Assessments Noise Management Plans
Compliance Monitoring and Discharge of Planning Conditions Noise Propagation Modelling and Prediction
Compliance with PPC and EP Conditions and Preparation of Application Response to Noise Related Complaints
Consultation and Liaison with Regulatory Bodies Specification of Noise Mitigation and Noise Control Measures
Environmental Due Diligence Vibration Monitoring and Reporting

Download examples of our recent work

Industrial Noise - BSW Timber

Renewable Energy - Hydro Developments

Leisure Industry - Granish Racing Kart Track

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