Richard has over 12 years ecology experience, working on multiple projects for a variety of sectors, including; wind farms, highways, land/estate management, and infrastructure developments as both an ornithologist and ecologist.  

Richard is skilled in bird surveys, most notably; breeding bird/raptor, Through the Tide Counts, and Vantage Point surveys, as well as having superb upland botanical and mammal surveys skills, in particular; pine marten, water vole, otter, red squirrel and badger. He is also experienced in deer population assessment, wildlife impact assessment, as well as habitat assessments and the surveying and mapping of peat macrotopes.

The majority of his work has taken place in remote locations, such as isolated mountain ranges, under adverse conditions, and he is well rehearsed in Health and Safety protocols while operating in such an environment. He has taken projects through from conception or feasibility to final stages, including survey design, project management, data analysis and modelling, technical reporting, impact assessments and supplementary information.